I am Married to an alluring island – Boracay

This space has been left vacant for a period, through these months, I have gone from Single to Married. Do things change after marriage? I guess No. We are still happy, we are still the same person, except, we became more responsible through our thoughts and our words. So we went on a short vacation to Boracay after wedding, the type generally known as ‘Honeymoon’. It’s a silly term I think, because all vacations with your boyfriend / husband has got to be that honey. Isnt it? I didnt really like people spamming that term on me: “Oh, so how was your Honey Moon!?”… Argh, if it was our First Vacation in our Entire Life, ok, Honey Moon was over the moon, else, what do you expect? Nevermind, let me share some nice pictures of a little pristine island somewhere southern of Manila – Philippines.

The tranquility and sweetness of Boracay is truly worth that intricate transfer from one Island (Singapore) to another. There are several ways to get to Boracay, here’s one:

– Board http://www.tigerairways.com from Singapore – Kalibo Airport( Yes, the airport at Boracay)

– Book a coach from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan Jetty (We use http://southwesttoursboracay.com), the little ticket will oversee both your land to boat transfer with all the taxes  included.

– Get onto a boat on their azure water, you are just 15-20 minutes away from that wonderland.

Sweep you off with this to begin!

You and I on a Sandy beach

And aside from bikini watching, there are some activities which are essential to try before we indulge our evening with seafood, alcohol, juice, more seafood, alcohol, juice… and you can guess.

Helmet Dive:

You and Me in the sea


Helmet Diving! Oh My Gawd. This is the highlight amongst all the activities that we tried. Clear blue hue, that is exactly what we need. We cannot get enough of mother nature, we gotta dig deeper into the ocean and walk the bed. Can’t snorkel, can’t dive, no problem. We literally breathe through our nose in this epic helmet (remembering those science lab days in school where we learn the art of oxygen in water).

We fed the fishes with some bread and that is how our picture look so perfect,  photobomb by these beautiful coral fishes.



For a bird’s eye view of Boracay, Parasail.  For now, just a snippet of the overjoyed me. Else, ATV up to Mt Luho, the highest point on this island for a panaromic view like this:



Crystal Cave:1969118_10152271893541049_1630263022_n  Part of the island hop, we step foot into this little space- Crystal Cave. Honestly, I am not sure why Crystal, but all I was praying :”Dear God, protect me from anything like bats or insects living in here “.

Him crystal


I think crystal might refer to the clear cool shades of water that surround this area, probably why the name. There were small little fishes playing around the shallow bed and it really tickles. As the island hop should continue, yes we snorkel and further out into the water, i was stung by Jelly. I love Jelly, till they came after me. With lotsa regrets and pain, we decided to return to our hotel and attend to those swollen bubbles from the sting. Thankfully, the lifeguard, from the hotel (Astoria) we stayed in, came with the native concotion, I washed the wound with some warm vinegar and rubbed more calamansi on them. (PS: The naughty jellyfishes stung my butt, arms and legs, not cool)

In anyways, i think i burnt a whopping 1000 calories and more. Haha.


Take a break:

Mermaid shell






Anyone can start

Yesterday, I met up with 2 astounding ladies. These 2 women used to be my ex-bosses back at where I first started off as a fresh grad. Today, I meet them again, oh wow, these moms have evolved from my mentor, to mother of 3 children, a dutiful wife and what more can they ask for? – a body to love, embrace and of cause, age – GRACEFULLY

When you believe you can achieve, all it takes is to start with a small step. Tip toe if we need to, no matter how slow we go, we are moving.

And so, transformation step 1 begins with cleaning up what’s going into the belly. As busy mothers, it can get really tricky to spin up some amazing nutritional and tasty food for the family, last but not least, not to mention, herself.

So, I’m going to make it it happen. That healthy body, covered with layers of discomfort is coming off!
21 days is all it takes, be patience, your body is crying for you to reveal the true self, that beautiful skin residing in you.


A Healthy Physic perception

It took some courage to re-look at where you were 12 months back and where you are now today. Some of us had some fabs on, some of us embrace the flabs and move on. Fitness and health have always been my passion, despite not being in this industry for work and all. But nothing can take away the passion that burn within us. So i took out my pictures just to share: Here we go down the memory lane.

Left                                                                    Right




Both of me above has been active all my life. Left, ran marathons, right, stop running marathons cause my knees are giving up on me. So what is different?

The Physics isnt it? You’ll see left as chubby/fat, right as slightly toner. And last but not least. the bottom picture. 

There is so much perception from friends, relatives and even the strangers. Some thinks that ‘Left’ photo is cuter, younger. Some comment that Right photo is just right, healthy and committed. Bottom, Too strong, too muscular. 

I think every comment sets healthy and fitness at a different level and goal in our lifes. All the above have NEVER went through any funny photoshop or diets. To me, its nutrition VS the type of exercises that works well for the body. I have ran and ran and my legs  have grown and grown (no target reducing right), i have done lots and lots of Abs workout, my six-packs aint growing! 

So what works? 80% nutrition, 20% exercise. For right and bottom picture, i exercise lesser actually =) Ohh and not to mention, i actually weigh heavier for the last ‘bottom’ picture. what Matters more? Physic or the number on the scale? Today i read about an article really interesting about how Physics doesn’t really reflects a person’s health and ‘atheletic’ personality. Really most of us (including myself), thinks that athletic body always refers to Lean, Long Legs, strong Abs and that slender waist that make us go like “speechless”.

Here, i’ll leave you all with this article that will help take us outta that myth and start working on our inner body mind and fitness than going crazy with physics.

Good Luck

Love ~ Adele




Carbo and yoyo

Carbo and yoyo

-Carbohydrates is my best friend-

Right, what a caption? I love Carbohydrates, anything! Especially bread, cereals, potatoes, noodles, pasta.

I never know how these  comfort food really affects us emotionally, Especially LADIES. I realise that whenever woman feels down, we want to eat comfort food. So i went to do some research on what exactly this crazy addictive is and how it affects our body! Here you go, to break it down into really simple chains and terms (skips those medical jargons).

Carbohydrates is made up of : Sugar + Starch

Are all Carbohydrates the same?: No. There are Complex VS Simple

Complex Carbohydrates: Wholegrain (Bread, Pasta, Potatoes, Quinoa, Vegetables  etc)

Simple Carbohydrates: White Rice, white/yellow noodles, pastries, cakes etc)

In a complete meal, we typically consume 1/3  carbohydrates, 1/3 protein, the rest are probably fibre (For some, no fibre at all)

Without carbohyrdates, it can get abit difficult to fill us up and energy depletes quickly outta us. (Think about the tea-breaks and mid-day snacks that whispers in our brain)

There is nothing bad about eating carbohydrates IF we know what is in there and how much portion to eat. For me, i uses the 3:2:1 ratio as a guide.

Palm size: Amount of Carbohydrates (Preferably complex sort)

Fist size: Protein (Fish, toufu, meat)

Thumb size: Fats (Yes, you didnt read this wrongly)

Carbohydrates are like sugar in a BiG Mass. They break down into sugar during digestion, raised the blood sugar level quickly, super rising that Insulin level in us, and UTLIMATELY CRASH on the us.  Like an addictive, our body will naturally call for MORE and MORE sugar right? Afterall, it releases that feel good factor in the brain.

If you are going to have carbs, may as well go for yummy and fibre filled ones. The more you have, the slower the blood sugar raise, the slower the digestions, the lower the insulin. POWOW!

Kill that habit of snacking. Seriously.

Love~ Adele